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right of inheritance belongs exclusively to the eldest son

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I n other instances, as, for example, among the Bidayuh [Land Dayak] of Sarawak, rights are inherited by individuals in the cognatic descent group from the ancestor who created them by cutting primary forest.
Houseman nd Kinship Networks and the Balance Principle: Dual Organisation in Cognatic Societies (ms-in-progress).
Motivated in part by the inability of classic descent theory to describe sociality in Highland New Guinea, contributors to this model and their forerunners have emphasized that descent in Melanesia is either cognatic or--even where indigenously figured as unilineal--implies recursive relations of male/female complementarity (e.
Cognatic, they value the contribution of male and female substance to the growing fetus, and all types of exchanges create relations that make up a person.
the Kwakiutl, feudal Europe, Japan), although it should be remembered that Levi-Strauss also applied his concept to many Indonesian societies, and that he was expressly concerned with using it to make sense of the apparent lack of order in cognatic societies (in terms of received kinship theory).
Pamle may also refer to extended networks of kin-relations of various kinds, such as an individual's cognatic kindred or more bounded groups within a cognatic kindred, such as those sharing a patronym (particularly relevant in the context of land inheritance).
Several native title cases now before the courts are cases in which a cognatic system of kinship (in regions outside the Western Desert) has been presented as 'traditional' on the basis of the principle 'is now, always has been'.
While kinship (in the anthropological sense) displays a number of cognatic elements, the Hula continue to employ a patrilineal idiom with regard to matters of inheritance, and senior men take pride in reciting gulu ai (literally 'generations counting') that link them to village founders and map the relationships of village families.
Iroquois- and Crow-Omaha-type systems are those which have lost their prescriptive equations; cognatic and Hawaiian-type systems are those which have lost their classificatory equations.
The land tenure system is claimed to be matrilineal although the complexity of land inheritance patterns suggests that it may always have had a strong cognatic bias.
The diminution of Kukipi village identity at Nine-Mile can also be related to the cognatic nature of Toaripi kinship which focuses emotional and economic attention on members of the nuclear family, most of whom were now resident in Port Moresby, leaving no effective point of contact in the village (Chao 1989:93; Ryan 1989:21; Morauta and Ryan 1982:50).
At its surface it describes an area that Daniel and his cognatic kin group, or solonarik, use.
ceremonialism fragments rather than integrates group coherence, while the multiplicity of cross-cutting ties generated by cognatic kinship is a basic factor encouraging men into conflicts.
The term butubutu has a number of rather different meanings but the dominant one refers to a corporate, (mostly) cognatic descent group that (predominantly) lives in and controls a certain area.
One of the key cultural differences between the Ipili and Enga is that the former are considered to be a cognatic society (Biersack 1995), while the latter are agnatic (Meggitt 1965; but see Jacka 2002 for a more detailed analysis).