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right of inheritance belongs exclusively to the eldest son

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1973) Land Tenure among the Amhara of Ethiopia: the dynamics of cognatic descent.
5) In this article we argue that Cina and Luwuq were ruled by branches of a cognatic corporate descent group sharing mutual political and economic interests.
But he also draws attention to the importance of sustained residence away from estates, thus making them 'much more blurred in definition' or causing them to be 'effectively amalgamated', sometimes under the general aegis of what he calls a 'new tribe' recruiting its members 'via the cognatic descent group' (2003:223).
Comparing her data with Roger Peranio's account of multi-family residential groups among the linguistically-related Bisaya points up even closer similarities, including indigenous terminology (see "The Structure of Bisaya Society: A Ranked Cognatic Social System," Ph.
The phenomenological consequence of this spiritual conception is that the Ga-Adangbe use a cognatic kinship system that theoretically allows a Ga fomobi (person of Ga birth) rights of inheritance in the ancestral clans of all four of their grandparents, even though there is first preference for the patrilineal line.
Cognatic kinship is when descent is calculated through either or both the mother's or father's side.
These often overlooked articles are as important to understanding Wolters' way of approaching history as his more famous pieces that describe the cultural matrix of Southeast Asia and propound his well-known theories regarding the regional belief in "soul-stuff," the "mandate" political structure, the practice of cognatic kinship, and the importance of the concept of the royal "man of prowess.
The societies of Borneo explorations in the theory of cognatic social structure.
Since most senatorial families could not boast a long agnatic lineage, the idea of the family shifted its emphasis to cognatic kin.
Historically known societies throughout eastern Indonesia and the Philippines are overwhelmingly bilateral or cognatic in organization.
She examines kinship and evolution in primates and humans; patrilineal and matrilineal lines; double, bilateral, and cognatic descent; marriage; the history of Euro-American kinship and gender; and new reproductive technologies.
The Bill's key recommendation can be summarised very briefly: namely, to change our royal succession from agnatic to cognatic primogeniture, which, I venture to suggest, most Post readers would probably agree with.
7) I would furthermore like to argue that Portuguese women's access to property and authority was relatively extensive because of Portugal's thoroughly cognatic, even residually matrilineal, kinship system, (8) a phenomenon accompanied by the ubiquity of clandestine or de facto marriages.
The Muinane's kinship system, though cognatic, has a strong patrilineal bias with salient social organizational implications.
It will show that contemporary melodramas, especially those written by William Thomas Moncrieff and performed at the Olympic Theatre, Wych Street, and Adelphi Theatre, Strand, have a cognatic relationship with London revolutionary politics.