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high quality grape brandy distilled in the Cognac district of France

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Kelt prides itself on giving cognac connoisseurs a glimpse into the past, when our founding fathers would delight in cognacs arriving fresh from their 3 month ocean voyage from France and ripe with distinctive nuances that could only have been imparted from the tumbling waters of their journey across the sea.
Contact Benjamin Bourinat Sopexa USA c/o Cognac Board New York, NY T: +1 (646) 352-3489 E: benjamin.
Boutiron offers 80 Cognacs ($14 to $830), with top sellers coming from Chef Andre's Private Labels.
Brandies and cognacs are slightly outpacing the spirit market as a whole.
The careful selection of these grapes, combined with double distillation on the lees in small traditional copper stills and long ageing in Limousin oak barrels, ensure that Remy Martin Cognacs have a delicious, rich and complex flavour.
Delamain, another family-owned house which only produces Grande Champagne Cognacs at XO range and above, repackaged its Delamain Vesper (a blend of 30-to 3 5-year Cognacs) and introduced rare vintage bottlings--limited edition Delamain 1963, 50 year olds; and Delamain 1973, 40 year old, both single-cask, single estate, Grande Champagne Cognacs.
Dry cellaring allows more evaporation of water than alcohol, which leaves the cognac more refined and elegant.
We special order some brandies and Cognacs around the holidays just for that purpose.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Louis Royer, an iconic Cognac house dating to 1853 and led by the fifth generation of its founding family, today announces the winners of the 4th "Show Me the Proof
For example, the soil of Grande Champagne, (nothing to do with the bubbly stuff - it just means rolling countryside in French) has the softest chalk and the least clay, so is considered by many to produce the finest cognacs.
In fact, most cognacs are aged considerably longer than the minimum legal requirement, because the drink matures in the same way as whiskies and wine when aged in a barrel.
The legal minimum period of wood aging is two and a half years but the vast majority of cognacs age for much longer periods.
Indeed, for many connoisseurs, the label ranks above all other cognacs in the league.
Although I really focus on the mellow nature of the Cognac, I do mix this with the Pierre Ferrand 1840 that is a touch higher in alcohol then most Cognacs, which definitely allows it to play with all of those dominant flavors and still stand out.
It is because Remy Martin is made exclusively with eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus, with the greatest ageing potential, sourced from the rarest vineyards, that it delivers cognacs of such unique aromatic intensity.