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Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are still the highest revenue generating cities for coffee shops / cafe's in India where average bill amount has recorded an annual growth rate of more than 20% y-o-y.
The tougher rules, set to take effect nationwide from next year, effectively turn coffee shops into private clubs with no more than 2,000 members, who must be over 18 and legal residents of the country.
THE latest outlet of Liverpool coffee shop Bean has opened on Princes Dock.
Herman plans to open the new store by July 4, after some remodeling to match the look and feel his other coffee shops.
Onda Coffee Break, whose biggest shareholder is Greece's Global Finance, has eleven coffee shops in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.
Fortunately, independent coffee shops still dominate in Birmingham.
Warnings have been sent by the Manama Municipality to seven coffee shops located on the Al Fateh Corniche to stop serving sheesha by July 1, after complaints that an earlier deadline was impossible to achieve.
Of the respondents, over 80% have been to self-service coffee shops.
But Seattle is a city of little nooks and crannies, each with its own a distinct personality - and often with small coffee shops and bakeries to match.
BIG brand names are taking a growing slice of the UK's lucrative coffee shop market, a report out today says.
Instead, Juan Valdez is now the name of a growing string of high-end coffee shops in Colombia and the United States.
Fifty-eight percent of respondents who regularly buy coffee at a coffee shop said coffee shops offer better-quality coffee.
UCC said it plans to begin opening Tully's coffee shops in the current fiscal year, with the contract covering 25 Asia-Oceania countries and territories, including China, Taiwan and Australia.
Googie's was, apparently, a chain of coffee shops in Los Angeles during the '40s and '50s though another theory is that it was named for an outlandish coffee shop on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights, LA designed by John Lautner.
Walking round Amsterdam the coffee shops are all very similar - small, dark, smokey, bar-like places.