Coffea canephora

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native to West Africa but grown in Java and elsewhere

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Especie Variedad ** Typica, Criolla o Nacional; ** Bourbon ** Coffea arabica L Garnica; ** Costa Rica; Pluma Hidalgo; ** Colombia; San Roman; Caturra Rojo; Blue Mountain; Geisha; Oro Azteca Coffea canephora P.
2000), studied the response of five Coffea canephora Pierre genotypes with regard to somatic embryogenesis on media containing silver nitrate and different carbohydrates (sucrose, fructose, maltose and glucose).
Coffea liberica Hiern, Coffea canephora Pierre (Coffea robusta Linden), submetido a tratamento termico ate atingir o ponto de torra escolhido.
The phenylpropenoid amides are found in several plants, including Coffea canephora, Theobroma cacao, Amorphophallus konja, Ipomoea obscura and Carthamus tinctorius (Niwa et al.
Numero de Marcadores Marcadores secuencias Organismo Polimorficos Mapeados depositadas Coffea arabica 158 86 3950 Coffea canephora 100 36 986 Coffea kapakata 2 2 64 Hedyotis spp.
Variedad, modalidad de cultivo y otros cultivos combinados con cafe Variables Item Frecuencia % Variedad Caturra 54 74,0 Typica 31 42,5 Mundo novo 15 20,5 Catuay 9 12,3 Colombia 27 4 5,5 Bourbon 9 12,3 Coffea canephora 1 1,4 Modalidad de cultivo Sombra 66 90,4 Plena exposicion solar 2 2,7 Ambas 4 5,5 Sin informacion 1 1,4 Cultivos o arboles Cambur 44 64,7 combinados con el cafe Maiz 2 2,9 Caraota 2 2,9 Guamo 36 52,9 Naranja 13 19,1 Cacao 1 1,5 Aguacate 10 14,7 Arboles 40 58,8 Cuadro 4.
The researchers reduced the activity of key caffeinemaking genes in the coffee species Coffea canephora.
Three-year-old Coffea canephora plants from the clonal variety Emcapa 8111, 'genotype 02' (Braganca, Carvalho, Fonseca, & Ferrao, 2001), which were cultivated in full sunlight, with a 3.
Plantas de Coffea canephora Pierre crescidas em confinamento do sistema radicular: teores dos pigmentos fotossinteticos, emissao da fluorescencia da clorofila a e trocas gasosas.
Project Description: Contribute to reducing the level of economic damage in the production of coffee Coffea canephora in the main producing areas of Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, through the examination, evaluation and mass of available technology for Integrated Management Broca (MIB), identification of key technical problems in the production systems of this item and the recording and analysis of climatological information to uniquely identify specific climatic variations experienced in the region in recent years, which are affecting both crop performance as the insect, in order to review and make necessary adjustments to improve the efficiency of the strategies currently being developed to control the pest.
Researchers deciphered the genome of Coffea canephora, the second-most cultivated species of coffee.
The Coffea canephora species is classified into two groups: Guinean and Congolese, named in reference to their regions of origin: New Guinea and Congo, both on the African continent," explained Dr.