Coffea arabica

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shrubby tree of northeastern tropical Africa widely cultivated in tropical or near tropical regions for its seed which form most of the commercial coffee

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Europeans broke the Arab monopoly not just by stealing coffee plants in the seventeenth century, but by studying Coffea Arabica in their botanic gardens before shipping them to plantations in overseas colonies.
Today, the Coffea Arabica plant yields 74 percent of all coffee produced around the world.
Comparison of three in vitro protocols for direct somatic embryogenesis of and plant regeneration of Coffea arabica L.
Obviously, the species concerned (Coffea arabica, C.
After its introduction into the New World tropics from Africa in the 18th century, coffee (Coffea arabica) traditionally was grown as an understory shrub under a canopy of native trees since that variety required shade for optimal growing conditions.
Coffee trees (Coffea arabica) grow especially well between elevations of about 700 and 2,500 feet here because it's neither too hot nor too cold.
Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) cultivation is one of the most important activities of the agricultural sector in Brazil (Carvalho et al., 2017).
Siriamornpun, "Effect of shading on yield, sugar content, phenolic acids and antioxidant property of coffee beans (Coffea Arabica L.
En Hawai es una plaga importante del cafe (Coffea arabica L.: Rubiaceae) y Acacia koa Gray (Mimosaceae) (Burbano et al.