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Coffee is produced from the seeds of Coffea arabica, and to a lesser extent, C.
Among the species in the genus Ferrisia, F kondoi Kaydan & Gullan (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) has been reported previously from Colombia on Coffea arabica L.
Esta situacion ha provocado la conversion de cafetales de la especie arabica (Coffea arabica L.) a cafetales de robusta (Coffea canephora L.), donde las condiciones climaticas y la altitud lo permiten, debido a que teoricamente esta variedad es menos susceptible y, en consecuencia, permite asegurar la produccion y ganancia.
The arabica bean is in considerably higher demand than Coffea robusta.
A nivel mundial, los insectos escama constituyen un importante grupo de plagas del cafe (Coffea spp.) (James 1935; Le Pelley 1973; Watson y Cox 1990; Culik et al.
Siriamornpun, "Effect of shading on yield, sugar content, phenolic acids and antioxidant property of coffee beans (Coffea Arabica L.
UC Davis researchers sequence genome for Coffea arabica
Like other seeds, it originates from a fruit; in this case the Coffea flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family.
Some of these especially Coffea canephora Froehner are sold to earn incomes.