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Synonyms for coercion

Synonyms for coercion

power used to overcome resistance

Synonyms for coercion

the act of compelling by force of authority

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using force to cause something to occur

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"A woman should be able to do what she wants with her body without government coersion [sic]," said Jibril Jacobs, an American Muslim author.
In his understated way he played down this contract extension as being "no big deal", only agreeing to its grand unveiling after some subtle coersion from those inside the club.
In the Rajya Sabha, Azad charged government with snooping and spying on political opponents, saying the government was "resorting to threats, coersion and pressure to quell political dissent".
HAVING failed miserably to stop smoking by deceit, prohibition, disinformation and coersion, Andrew Lansley now intends to punish the thousands of workers employed in the tobacco industry by making their workers redundant.
Do we, as Americans, wish to endorse the coersion of statements from individuals believed by the State Department to be terrorists?
He has written on military coersion, nuclear weapons issues, European security, and research methodology.
GRAHAME BOOKER, "Coersion, Authority, Democracy." Adviser: Jan Narveson.