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En la localidad de Alto Pino se presentan un mayor registro por especie, es asi como se puede observar los mayores conteos de Cardinalidae, Columbidae, Coerebidae, Bucconidae, Icteridae, Mimidae, y muchas mas.
With regard to New World nectarivorous birds, especially in tropical areas, Trochilidae (hummingbirds) are the main pollinating species, but there are other flower visitors, such as the Thraupidae (tanagers), Icteridae (blackbirds), Contigidae (cotingas), Picidae (woodpeckers), Emberizidae (flowerpiercers) and Coerebidae (honeycreepers), which are adapted to a nectar diet (Rocca and Sazima, 2008).
Three of them belong to the Trochilidae family and the last two belong to the Thraupidae and Coerebidae families, respectively.