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any of several quinones found in living cells and that function as coenzymes that transfer electrons from one molecule to another in cell respiration

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Scientists found that the combination of selenium yeast and the vitamin-like compound coenzyme Q10 significantly reduced cardiovascular deaths in the elderly.
Research shows coenzyme Q10 does not affect the cholesterol lowering effect of statins, so taking both will be no problem.
It is possible that coenzyme Q10 supplementation may still be beneficial in some patients, depending on their genetic susceptibility to metabolic myopathy, their age, and coexisting disease.
Coenzyme Q10 has been documented to strengthen the body's immune system.
Coenzyme Q10 and selenium in statin-associated myopathy treatment.
Editor's Note: The authors conclude that, "Coronary artery disease patients might benefit from using coenzyme Q10 supplements to increase their antioxi-dation and anti-inflammation capacity during statins therapy.
Half the group took 200mcg of patented organic selenium and two 100mg capsules of a unique ubiquinone coenzyme Q10 preparation.
Coenzyme Q10 is a natural substance produced by the body, belonging to a family of compounds called quinines, which works by acting in conjunction with enzymes to accelerate the metabolic process, providing the energy that cells need to digest food, heal wounds, maintain healthy muscles and support numerous other bodily functions.
Meanwhile, scientists at the University of California at San Diego report that high doses of Coenzyme Q10 slow the progress of Parkinson's disease.
Q FOLLOWING your advice I am taking Coenzyme Q10 30mg daily for high blood pressure.
All are fortified with coenzyme Q10 and antioxidant vitamins.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation (Cincinnati, OH) has patented detection apparatus and methos for electrochemically determining the concentration of quinones and hydroquinones, such as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 and CoQ10H2) in biological fluids as well as CoQ9 and CoQ7.
has tried coenzyme Q10 in about 100 migraine patients.
Rita Stoffaneller from Wassen Coenzyme Q10 said: "Research clearly shows that a lack of energy affects all areas of our lives, including relationships.