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The behavior of the coefficients is different in real scenarios and in canonical scenarios, probably because of the stochastic nature of the ray behavior in real scenarios, which in average avoids the angles where the specific model does not have good performance or because direct trajectories prevail.
Rego, "Heuristic UTD coefficients for electromagnetic scattering by lossy conducting wedges," Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol.
After replacing the magnitude of the freestream velocity with the corrected magnitude of the local velocity in the achievement of the section lift coefficient and the induced angle of attack, the classical Prandtl's lifting-line equation would be derived as a system of N (where N = [N.sub.1] + [N.sub.2]) nonlinear equation relating the N unknown coefficients (consists of {[A.sub.n]} and {[B.sub.n]}) of the distribution of the section circulation to known properties of the lifting surface.
However, because the unknown coefficients exist both in the numerator and the denominator in the equations, the partial derivatives cannot be obtained conveniently.
The authors showed that that friction coefficient of B5 and neat biodiesel was lower than that of number 2 diesel fuel.
The results showed that the friction coefficient is considerably higher for the diesel fuel than for biodiesels in the stationary regime.
alpha(cong) omega(cong) This yields results with a clearer difference between alpha and omega coefficients ([alpha] = .77; [omega] = .80).
Making Reliability Reliable: A Systematic approach to reliability coefficients. Organizational Research Methods, 19, 651-682.
The reduction of the friction coefficient between the tool and the wood surface, the improvement of the wear resistance of the tool, and the extension of the service life of the tool are core research topics of woodcutting.
After removing heat transfer sensitive data points, the five coefficients for Equation 19 are computed so as to minimize model error to the remaining data.
Therefore, our objectives here were i) to investigate the relationships between the RR coefficients for TD milk yields during and after 305 DIM in the first and later lactations of Holstein cows and ii) to examine whether these RR coefficients and daily milk yield after 305 DIM could be predicted from those obtained during the first 305 DIM.
Improved correlation coefficients of single value neutrosophic sets and interval neutrosophic sets for multiple attribute decision making.
The primary motivation of the present study was to experimentally evaluate the Forchheimer equation coefficients for non-Darcy flow in Forchheimer equation in rough-walled fractures, where effects of fracture roughness, fracture aperture, and flow regime were considered and effects of orientation and fracture networks are not, as the focus is not on bulk flow, but rather on the properties of individual discrete fractures.
In fact, we state the way that we approached to the idea of stability of the "S" coefficients against attacks and consequently selected as the regions of interests.
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