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4])}, which meant the flattened Brazilian disc coefficients [[epsilon].
a] and flattened Brazilian disc coefficient e was constructed via the least square fitting method, shown in Figure 9.
The mix proportions shown in Table 3 were determined to evaluate the diffusion coefficients for chloride ions in concrete with binary blended cement.
Keywords: Virial expansion, Virial coefficients, Compression factor, Voigt FWHM, Integrated absorption intensity.
The main work can be divided into three parts: (1) the basic research on the relationship between carbon emissions and economic growth, including the Cointegration and Granger causality; (2) Using the dynamic correlation multivariate stochastic volatility model (DC-MSV model) to extract correlation coefficient between carbon emissions and Chinese gross domestic product (GDP); (3) Using the regression analysis method to study the prediction ability of the dynamic correlation coefficient on the Chinese green economic growth rate.
This report outlines the findings and recommendations from a round-robin laboratory study on slip coefficients of organic zinc-rich primers for steel bridges.
The kinetic friction coefficient is determined under the conditions similar to those found with automotive seat sliding rails.
Aim of the research is to study the temperature effect on the value of extraction degree and distribution coefficients for ionol in the "oil--ionol--ethanol" system in the ionol extraction temperature range of 15 .
The numerical simulation results indicate the discharge coefficients between Venturi tube with 10D upstream straight length and Venturi tube with 3D upstream straight length are within +/-0.
To study how heterogeneity of these quality measure adjustment coefficients affects comparisons among contracts, we analyzed data from the MA implementation of the CAHPS survey from 2010 to 2014.
However, simple correlation coefficients and analysis of variance may not evolve satisfactory findings in uncovering the real interrelationships among the various traits.
has positive coefficients for all m [greater than or equal to] 3, where we use the standard q-series notation, [(a).
After block DCT and quantization, the quantized DC coefficients carry the most important information of every 8 * 8 block.
The values of these dynamic influences are proportional to the viscous friction coefficients of each UM link at the arbitrary spatial movements of a manipulator in water.
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