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a supplement to a will

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That Betty lacked the necessary knowledge of the contents of, and therefore did not approve of, the relevant Wills and Codicils.
Those who decide to take up the offer will be asked to consider making a donation to the trust of the suggested amount of pounds 75 for a single will, pounds 100 for a pair of mirror or matching wills and pounds 40 for a codicil.
In a bow to this resistance, Sarksyan's government added codicils to the accords which should make it easier for Yerevan to walk away from the deal if Turkey dawdles.
2 Step-children usually have to navigate two households, so be especially vigilant that there aren't three or four different sets of rules, each of which have riders, codicils, and addendums.
But when I try to find such bargains they no longer exist or are wrapped up in so many codicils as to make travel impossible unless you go a week last Wednesday and return a week last Tuesday.
On many occasions set out in his will of 1996, and in two further codicils, he left various amounts of money to 14 beneficiaries including myself, family, friends and Mr Loveridge.
Intellect adds caveats and codicils to every emotional impulse.
Drafted by him and executed in 1993, it was the culmination of wills and codicils written and revoked dating to 1980.
You must state you ``revokeall former wills and codicils and testamentary provisions''.
Examples include a lawyers' grace: ``A plea for firm wills to preserve us from folly,With last minute codicils to bring in more lolly,And preserve us from clients,both rude and fickle,But do,please,ensure Lord, a nice steady trickle.
Several grateful senior citizens have written codicils in their wills to help out an old friend--they've left money to local 911 services.
E-Sign will not apply to contracts or records relating to: (1) the creation and execution of wills, codicils or testamentary trusts; (2) laws governing adoption, divorce or other matters of family law or (3) major portions of the Uniform Commercial Code.
1] In succeeding days, as he lingered in the half-world between the living and the dead, d'Estouteville registered four additional codicils.