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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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Visitors can also enjoyed a rare opportunity to see the famous code-breaking Enigma machine, which is on loan from Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes.
Such a scrambling system is believed to be beyond the capability of the most powerful code-breaking system.
They were withdrawn from the Atlantic in 1943 when their losses were unsustainable as a result of a combination of the code-breaking Ultra, radar and sonar development, improved weaponry, naval tactics and the involvement of America.
The alert, from US-based GTECH, one of the world's largest lottery-systems operators, came after a code-breaking incident forced Taiwan's government to recall 8.
He spent two hours a day in the gym beefing himself up for Mission Impossible II, and then went on a cabbage diet to play a code-breaking mathematician opposite Kate Winslet in the the Second World War drama Enigma.
Now director Michael Apted attempts to redress the balance with Enigma, a wartime thriller about Britain's code-breaking activities.
Just as evocative are the scenes with Turing's brilliant female colleague in code-breaking, Pat Green (a luminous Katy Selverstone).
Educational projects such as this are a great way of taking codes and code-breaking into the classroom as a way of engaging young people with maths, science and history.
After the war, all evidence of code-breaking activities was removed and the secrets of Bletchley Park remained hidden for decades.
BLETCHLEY Park, the wartime code-breaking HQ, is in Buckinghamshire, not Hertfordshire (Page 7, November 9).
Scott plays a mathematical genius who returns to his code-breaking base after a nervous breakdown just as the Germans change their codes arousing suspicion that there is a spy in the camp.
A second World War code-breaking machine, which provided information essential to the planning of the D-Day landings, has been recreated after a 10-year project.
Mr Brown said: "It is an operation similar to the sophistication of code-breaking during World War Two.
The show is based around an illustrated lecture by Dr Mark Baldwin, who has studied the code-breaking work at Bletchley Park and U boats in detail.
Using effective reconstruction and interviews (many talking for the first time), Station X (Channel 4) is a four-part series shedding light on what took place at the code-breaking station at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, and those who worked there.