coconut water

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clear to whitish fluid from within a fresh coconut


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While coconut juice is low in calories, it is also high in sugar and saturated fat, which may offset its potential weight-loss benefits if not consumed in moderation.
And rap artist Tyga's track Coconut Juice is one of their favourites.
Short of that, consider splitting the difference and mixing straight pineapple juice with straight coconut juice.
I sampled reindeer in Stockholm, visited the Tower of London, shopped for shoes in Sao Paolo and drank coconut juice in Manila.
This party menu also features charming Magic Wand Starfish Cookies (Molasses starfish shaped cookies on decorated sticks), Tropical Island Pudding Pops, and Mermaid Castle party Punch, made with Berry-Blue Kool-Aid Twists, pineapple coconut juice, lemon-lime soda, and vanilla ice cream.
Madge, who is famed for her strict healthy lifestyle, reportedly made the coconut juice her favourite thirst-quencher while performing on her tour last year, and she was keen to get involved with the brand before it hit the mainstream.
While some sipped on coconut juice sold at booths or snapped up beaded necklaces and jars of organic honey, others meandered around an art walk, where local artists hung their paintings from tree branches and wedged them in rocks along a quiet path.
I want to have an acting career that will last for as long as I'm breathing," he adds, sipping on aTetra Pak of coconut juice and twirling the Sstraw around his fingers.
We will have authentic Hmong and Laotian cuisine, such as sticky rice with fried fish, kab yaub or egg rolls that have a vegetable, chicken and noodles inside, and a tri-colored dessert that is made of Jello, honey, and coconut juice which is chilled," said Be Yang, a member of the United Hmong.
Ranges are growing in diversity, with lines such as coconut juice showing potential.
This is 100 percent coconut juice (or coconut water) that is extracted from young green coconuts (less than nine months old).
When I asked if it was possible to drink coconut juice, I was quickly handed a coconut, and someone cut a hole in the top with a knife.
Two village elders met me to offer a snack of fizzy coconut juice and bananas, then took me to the town's new school.
Coconuts sell for a pittance in the streets of Ghana's capital, but Ghana has no coconut juice bottler or processor, and thus no juice exports.
One villager told me that anyone who drinks the country's coconut juice comes back.