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British physicist who (with Ernest Walton in 1931) first split an atom (1897-1967)

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"I think it's just down to grit and determination," said Cockcroft of the East's form in the cups.
Mr Cockcroft is one three new director appointments to lead its operations in the North West and East Midlands and Yorkshire divisions respectively.
Booth Cockcroft, of Dolydd Lane, Cefn Mawr near Wrexham, was convicted of assaulting David James Rowlands at New York, New York in Town Hill in Wrexham on September 10 and damaging his jacket, following an earlier trial at Wrexham.
Cockcroft advised that a lower grade maths examination should be created to provide children a sense of achievement, not failure.
Mr Cockcroft, of Birkby, said: "I've always said it's the best kept secret in Calderdale because people don't know it's here.
But the Cockcroft Walton voltage multiplier (CWVM) failed to continually raise the value of output voltage when the number of stages increases or when the operating frequency and capacitance are not sufficiently high to avoid voltage drop in coupling capacitors at each stage and it also have the disadvantage Output current of the circuit decreased while increasing number of stages.
Professional/Elite Sportswoman: Hannah Cockcroft; finalists Megan Giglia, Becky Grundy.
two of Team GB's medal-winning Paralympians - Hannah Cockcroft with gold and Kare Adenegan with bronze in the 400m T34 wheelchair final
Congratulations to the following SCNA Members who are 2015-2016 Cockcroft Fellows:
Results showed that MDRD and Cockcroft Gault's GFR equation underestimated GFR as compared to 24 hour urine evaluation (-0.7 ml/min/1.73m2 and -4.2 ml/min/1.73m2 respectively), while Cockcroft-Gault creatinine clearance equation over estimated by 12.2 ml/min/1.73m2.
Dale Cockcroft Ben Coleman @baiec1976 Bad decision #Vautour Chappers @Chapmania Right, time to calm down regarding Vautour.
We did, however, see a masterclass in pitching from Yorkshire blokes Daniel Ayre and Matt Cockcroft, who were looking for PS40,000 for a 10% stake in their Pure Pet Food company - with Daniel brave enough (unlike Jones) to eat some of their product, while telling them how popular (and tasty) it is.