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Another PM protein that when overexpressed in Arabidopsis and Cochlearia hollandica confers salt tolerance is the PM [Na.
Plantas nativas propias de estos habitats como Glaux maritima, Matricaria maritima y Cochlearia aestuaria han visto reducidas sus poblaciones en los ultimos anos ante el avance de este arbusto (Uribe-Echebarria & Campos, 2006).
In the last century BC, the Romans cultivated snails in breeding pens called cochlearia, which were later introduced into Gaul and Germania.
Its scientific name is Cochlearia Armoracia,and it grows about 24in tall and 18in wide and sprouts tall crinkled leaves.
Na Mulomedicina encontramos alapar cochliaria e cochlearia.
Individuals of all the species established as seedlings in 1993 survived the winter 1993-1994, and Cochlearia officinalis and Saxifraga cernua appeared for the first time in 1994.