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Dry season prevalence of avian coccidia infection in domesticated chickens (Gallus domesticus) in Jere Council, Borno state, Nigeria.
While coccidia can infect a wide variety of animals, including humans, birds, and livestock, they are usually species-specific.
An entire chapter is dedicated to spedes inquirendae within the coccidia of carnivores that can serve as a solid springboard for taxonomist who are interested in exploring undescribed coccidian diversity.
Coccidia oocysts were identified as a single infection in nine (3.3%) of the samples or in two (0.8%) in a co-infection with helminths.
Dung samples were negative for endoparasitic ova and oocysts of coccidia. In the present study, Inj.
The prevalence and intensity of nematodes and coccidia in birds housed outdoors did not differ statistically from species housed indoors.
Most cats are exposed to coccidia through environmental contamination, such as walking through contaminated soil and then grooming their feet.
We detected single coccidia parasites in a native intestinal smear.
Phylogenetic position of the Adeleorinid Coccidia (Myzozoa, Apicomplexa, Coccidia, Eucoccidiorida, Adeleorina) inferred using 18S rDNA sequences.
Effect of experimental treatments and challenge on lesion score (0-4) at 25 d challenged by coccidia (10 d post inoculation).