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Cobras are primarily found in Africa, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East.
Most cobras have the ability to stand approximately as tall as a third of their overall body length.
In Herschelle Gibbs, Richard Levi and Owais Shah Cobras have the talent to amass a decent total on a favourable wicket.
Cobras track prey using senses of smell, sight, and hearing.
Although cobras don't have pit organs, Slowinski says he's not taking any chances: "Dead or alive, we take a lot of caution with cobras.
The rooster's owners said they tried to stop the confrontation because they were scared the cobra would kill the rooster, (https://www.
Officials of the Van Vihar national park in Bhopal operated on the 11-feet long cobra after they found that the reptile was not able to eat due to an infection in its mouth.
King cobras are the world's longest poisonous snake, growing to lengths as great at 18 feet long.