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Nalbant's family wanted him to follow a medical career, but he succeeded in attending the Faculty of Biology from Clujand in the autumn of 1953, he met Petru Banarescu with whom he continuously shared, till Banarescu's end (1921-2009), his love of beauty and fishes, publishing together more than 40 papers, especially in the systematic, phylogeny and zoogeography of the fishes of the families Cyprinidae (Gobioninae) and Cobitidae. In February 1958 Nalbant graduated from the University of Bucharest, and then worked as a biologist at the Institute of Hydrotechnical Studies and Research (1959- 1961), followed by the Institute of Fisheries (1961-1970), where he became the senior scientist.
The sculpture characteristics of scales have occasionally been used as taxonomic criteria for cypriniform (Cyprinidae and Cobitidae) fish species (e.g.
Vicariance, colonisation, and fast local speciation in Asia Minor and the Balkans as revealed from the phylogeny ofspined loaches (Osteichthyes; Cobitidae).
- Neogastromyzon nieuwen-huisi Dekat COBITIDAE Acanthopsoides molobrion Acanthopsoides robertsi Acantopsis cf.dialuzona Botia hymenophysa Engkadik, Langli, Pansek Botia macracanthus Ulang uli, Entebiring, Ikan macan Lepidocephalichthys pristes Emplunyu Pangio agma Ikan cacing Pangio anguillaris - Pangio kuhlii Ikan cacing Pangio malayana Pangio oblonga Ikan cacing Pangio semicincta Pangio shelfordii Ikan cacing Pangio superba Ikan cacing SILURIFOR MES BAGRIDAE Bagrichthys hypselopterus Patik layar, Baung Lajar Bagrichthys macropterus Ikan pisang Bagrichthys micranodus Ikan pisang Bagroides melapterus Ikan pisang, Baung Tikus Leiocassis cf.
Evolution of a diploid-triploid-tetraploid complex in fishes of the genus Cobitis (Pisces, Cobitidae).
Spined loaches of the family Cobitidae and stone loaches of the family Nemacheilidae are large groups of primarily freshwater fishes which are very common and widespread in waters of the Palearctic region (Nalbant et al.
Among the types of fish that rely on digestive track as the accessory organ to carry out respiration, the fish species in the families of Cobitidae and Callichthyidae etc.
A relatively large number of loach species (16 species in five genera of Cobitidae and three species in two genera of Balitoridae) inhabit Korea showing either an allopatric or sympatric distribution pattern, and among them, 13 species are endemic (Kim 1997, 2009, Kim & Park 2007, Vasil'eva et al.
Threatened fishes of the World: Botia dario (Hamilton, 1822) (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae).
The Balkan spiny loach Sabanejewia balcanica (Karaman, 1922) is a small representative of the family Cobitidae. Commonly found in southeastern Europe, they are mainly found at depths up to 1.5 m in hill streams with few plants, clear water, a sandy or fine gravel bottom and moderate current; though it has also been observed in large rivers (Kottelat & Freyhof 2007).
Transcriptome characterization and SSR discovery in large-scale loach Paramisgurnus dabryanus (Cobitidae, Cypriniformes).
Extensive karyotype in somatic and meiotic cells of the loach Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (Pisces: Cobitidae).