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Synonyms for angle

Synonyms for angle

to try to obtain something, usually by subtleness and cunning


the particular angle from which something is considered

the position from which something is observed or considered

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

to swerve from a straight line

to cause to move, especially at an angle

to direct (material) to the interests of a particular group

Synonyms for angle

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The scanned images were printed on 35.6 X 43.2 cm film and sent to the Cobb angle measurement.
Although the joint statement made by pediatric orthopedic societies and the American Academy of Pediatrics had recommended screening examinations, the USPSTF concluded that the current evidence is insufficient and that the balance of benefits and harms of screening for adolescent (aged 10-18 years) idiopathic scoliosis (Cobb angle greater than 10 degrees) cannot be determined, giving an "I" recommendation.
In this study, we proposed a computer-aided Cobb angle measurement method that automatically determined the slopes of vertebrae by using a deep neural network (DNN).
Therefore, there is a need to place further emphasis on the Cobb angle measurement as well as to assign more practice opportunities for chiropractic students and interns during the course of their education.
The results at the end of the growth phase are a stable Cobb angle with up to 50% curve reduction and improved trunk, lower spine, and pelvic alignments [6].
Of the 10 patients treated with VEPTR, an average pre-operative Cobb angle of 90[degrees] was reported, and a mean correction of 33.8% was obtained.
[23] compared the formulated flexicurve angle to Debrunner's kyphometer angle and the Cobb angle. As noted previously, the flexicurve angle is an inscribed angle, which by definition will be smaller than the circumscribed angles estimated using the Cobb or Debrunner methods [23].
Fusion status and the C2-7 Cobb angle, interspace height, and foraminal height changes were observed on anterior, lateral, and oblique radiographs obtained at the 18-month follow-up examination.
The Cobb method has been used since 1948 to measure the magnitude of the angle on the PA erect image (9,10,21,24,29) The Cobb angle is found by first locating the endplates of the most angulated inferior and superior vertebrae of the curve.
As for long-term prognosis, a Cobb angle of >50[degrees] at skeletal maturity was associated with development of shortness of breath (odds ratio=3.67; 95% confidence interval, 1.11-12.12).
Woods, M.D., from the University of California in San Diego, and colleagues examined the correlation between Cobb angle of kyphosis from lateral spine radiographs and pattern of self-reported HT use during the previous 15 years.
Both the Cobb angle of coronal major curve and evaluation of Oswestry Disability Index and Visual Analog Scale decreased after surgery.
Comparison of fracture recovery conditions between the two groups: The comparison of preoperative vertebral height, postoperative vertebral height and postoperative Cobb angle between the two groups suggested no remarkable difference (P>0.05).