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Synonyms for cloakroom

a private lounge off of a legislative chamber

a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily


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Returning to "The Daily Show,'' he moved the film's editor into a coat room at the show's offices.
Much Jewish ink has been spilled already on Josh Orlian, the 12-year-old yarmulke'd wonder from White Plains, N.Y., who alternately wowed and shocked the judges on America's Got Talent the other night by performing his stand-up actyou know, the one he performs for his three weirdo friends in the coat room when they're supposed to be in the children's service.
When the administration came to assess the space and the proposed plans, they recommended that one of the neighboring overnight on-call rooms be turned into a coat room. "With the new work hour restrictions, residents shouldn't need sleeping quarters anymore," they remarked.
Also off the kitchen is the utility area which includes larder, secondary kitchen, boiler room, additional boot room and coat room with built-in wall cupboards and another back door.
The easiest reply would have been, "Yes, I most certainly do mind." Then you could have directed her to the coat room. Or, better, you could have pointed out any of the parents standing along the wall, and suggested that she hang all of her belongings on one of them.
There's no coat room or pool table, no intimidating looking butch waiting to pounce on you for your ID and you will not be offered a plastic test tube of sticky-sweet liqueur by a femme fatale in fishnets.
Unless you two were interrupted in the coat room by Uncle Oscar, there is no need to feel endlessly ashamed.
Creation of new opening in wall and installation of solid laminate panels in some existing window openings to premises to be converted to accomodate a porter's office, workshop and archive from a coat room.
Lilly put her lunch bag in the coat room between Polly Possum's and Billy Beaver's.