Coast Mountains

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a string of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America from southeastern Alaska to Lower California

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Alternatively, this species may use a spring migration route east of the Coast Mountains.
We are looking at the broad scale composition of the rocks that make up the Coast Mountains," said Dr Spence, a professor of earth and ocean sciences at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia.
For more adventurous spirits, there's rock climbing or white-water rafting or, for high-altitude fun, ride the gondola to 6,000 feet above sea level and try the Peak Adventure hikes - which give walkers access to 48km of alpine trails among the Coast Mountains.
For accommodation I stayed at The Palisades, which was right up at the top end of the city, with a refreshing, bright feel about it and amazing views from its balconies out over the Coast Mountains.
Vancouver, gateway to British Columbia, and home to 600,000 people, is where the Coast Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.
Most of the Coast Mountains and Kaska Mountains have no consistent mode of lake long-axis orientation.
We are reconstructing Holocene environments in Garibaldi Provincial Park, in the southern Coast Mountains of British Columbia, by examining a diverse set of paleoenvironmental records, including tree-rings, lake sediments, glacial landforms, and photographs.
Don't Waste Your Time in the Coast Mountains by Kathy and Craig Copeland (Voice in the Wilderness Press, 1997).
The Coast Mountains, with 9,000-foot peaks, tower over all.
The setting is unique, overlooking the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains.
America West Airlines is offering 10% off its Internet fares to selected ski destinations in the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevadas, the Coast Mountains and the Cascade Mountains.
The powerful westerly that blew down from the, icy summits of British Columbia's Coast Mountains in the middle of the night threatened to send our tent and everything in it into Shack Lake.
Harrison Lake and Coast Mountains in Fraser Valley, Canada SEASIDE PARADISE.
Located on the Burrard peninsula and boasting Canada's mildest climate, Vancouver is cocooned by the Pacific Ocean, the magnificent coast mountains and the lush, green farmlands of the Fraser Valley.