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a raised framework around a hatchway on a ship to keep water out

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With hammocks slung there was barely room to stand up right, and there was water everywhere--swirling in over the coamings when the outside doors were opened, sweating from the ships' plates, oozing from pipe joints, welds and rivets.
The bagged rice was in good condition when the ship arrived, but during the unloading process the stevedores ripped the bags of rice on the holds and hatch coamings of the ship, invariably causing rice to spill out.
Knappco is a specialized manufacturer of industrial access ports, manholes, hatches, coamings, collars, weld rings, fill covers, and check valves used in the handling, transport and storage of petrochemicals, agricultural commodities, and building materials such as cement and asphalt.
Services - Restoring the integrity Naval Unit, through works of metal heavy, especially with replacement operations, reconstruction and restoration of external and internal structures, renewal of structures of bridges, walkways, watertight doors, hatches, hatches, coamings , stands, speakers / deposits containing carbolubrificanti, sewage / gray water and lavender (WBS 100)- Renewal of the protective coatings of all hull structures, speaker / bilges and various deposits, the renewal of the accessories (candlesticks, guardrails, etc.) (WBS 600)- Landing and subsequent boarding equipment air-ground and vice versa,- Installation, use, dismantling scaffolding,- Rental hot media (eg cranes, crane pontoons, barges etc.).
The cockpit is where the helmsman can become reacquainted with the simple pleasure of steering a well-balanced responsive boat with a tiller from the comfortable, ergonomically designed outboard coamings.
Rounded coamings along the gunwales and angled bulkheads at their base gives good ergonomics to the 28R's cockpit.
Sail controls are all aft with a centralised mainsheet Harken winch and a pair of primary winches on the coamings beside the outboard located helms, which have stylish gunwale seating that opens up tons of deck space for access to the transom.
On deck the wide, open transom gives the helsman plenty of room to move between the twin wheels and there are inboard coamings on both to house a large plotter.
Deep coamings should keep the cockpit dry when underway, while a huge electric swim platform unfolds when at anchor.
Sail controls are all led aft with a centralised mainsheet Harken winch and a pair of other winches on the coamings adjacent the outboard located helms which have stylish gunwale seating that opens up lots of deck space for access to the transom.
But it's a cosy social area despite its acreage thanks to high coamings, the tall cabin top and sprayhood, with a bimini as well to complete an effective bluewater cruising setup.