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a man who drives a coach (or carriage)

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In the meantime, she said, the agency is helping the coachmen in other ways, such as providing free veterinary services for the horses.
The Coachmen were 3-1 up at the break and went on to earn a a 5-2 victory.
The Coachmen went on to play some of the most prestigious folk venues in the nation, including the Village Gate in New York.
In order to portray the lives and mentality of coachmen, this book examines the structure of the cab industry and the multifarious rules governing it, offers a statistical profile of the social and family status of cabbies, analyzes the formation of unions and the development of class consciousness, and compares the strikes of 1878 and 1889 to examine the evolution of a "revolutionary ideology" among coachmen.
Papayanis has quite successfully debunked the popular nineteenth-century myth that coachmen were "sluggards, drunkards, country bumpkins, and unreliable nomads" (p.
Using samples of Parisian marriage certificates - and acknowledging that they exclude a significant proportion of seasonally employed migrants - Papayanis shows that coachmen were mostly migrants from rural departments, but that they tended to marry, Paris-born working women, indicating that they integrated into the life of Paris.
But in a clear rebuke to its shareholders, Coachmen refuses to recognize the votes cast for the GAMCO nominees, and instead, has announced that its nominees were each re-elected for a three-year term.
Coachmen was not acting in the best interests of all shareholders by refusing to count the votes cast on behalf of GAMCO's nominees at the 2010 Annual Meeting and GAMCO will review all available courses of action.
NYSE: MYE) ("Myers") at Myers' 2010 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and three of its Nominees as Directors of Coachmen Industries, Inc.
NYSE: GBL), announced that GAMCO has submitted to Coachmen Industries, Inc.
NYSE:CR), announced today that on April 17, 2009 the Company reached agreement to settle a previously disclosed lawsuit brought by Coachmen Industries alleging failure of the Company's fiberglass-reinforced plastic material.
All American Homes[R] and Mod-U-Kraf Homes[R], both subsidiaries of the Coachmen Housing Group, today announced the launch of a new initiative to help provide prospective home buyers with more options for the financing of the company's new homes.
Although we continued to implement substantial operational improvements and cost saving projects, because of the unexpectedly rapid and deep fall in the RV markets, Coachmen Industries Inc.
This is a solid start to 2008," Lavers continued, "but celebration must be tempered by the realization that Coachmen continues to face significant challenges in our core markets.
The first unit is scheduled off the dedicated assembly line by late-March, 2008 and Coachmen Industries expects sales of this unit to begin in the second quarter.