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"The main source of CO2 gases produced is from power stations, and after that it's chemical plants and oil refineries.
CO2 gases are diverted into a chamber where a catalyst is used to force a chemical reaction between the waste gas and an epoxide and ultimately creating the cyclic carbonates.
By travelling on the National Express-sponsored coach rather than by car, Town fans will save the equivalent CO2 gases produced by watching over 9,000 FA Cup matches on television.
Dates include Wolverhampton Civic Hall on March 5, Nottingham Rock City on March 13 and Warwick Arts Centre on March 17 and, in keeping with their impeccable ecological credentials, they will again be teaming up with Future Forests to calculate how many trees need to be planted to counteract the volume of CO2 gases released because of their activities.
Proposals involve capturing the CO2 gases produced in the normal fuel burning process.