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Synonyms for trustee

Synonyms for trustee

a person (or institution) to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another's benefit

members of a governing board

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If the grantor is the trustee or a co-trustee, and the second alternative method of reporting is used, then no Form 1041, Form 1099, or separate grantor tax information letter is required.
The bank, the board said, had engaged in investments with inappropriate risks, leading to unnecessary losses for the pension fund, violating both a Corporate Co-Trustee Agreement made in 2000 and a Securities Lending Services Agreement in 2006.
a) co-trustees who reasonably rely on the advice of a solicitor-trustee are entitled to an indemnity from the solicitor ('solicitor-trustee rule'); (48)
5, outlining that Pruitt had resigned as a co-trustee of the four McClatchy family trusts that control 80 percent of the voting shares in the Sacramento-based company, speculation ran rampant throughout the newspaper business that the company was teeing itself up to be taken private.
The Bee then addressed the issue of McClatchy Chairman and CEO Gary Pruitt's future, citing his resignation last Friday as a co-trustee of four trusts that control McClatchy family stock.
Yesterday London-based painter and art critic William Feaver, who is a co-trustee and the heir to Mr Kilbourn's work, said the collection on display at Woodhorn chronicled a way of life which was literally dying out.
In conjunction with its capital raise, Standard Renewable Energy is adding three new members to its Board of Directors: David Gelbaum, co-trustee of The Quercus Trust; Peter L.
Paul Gallagher, a co-trustee of Riverview Realty Trust, which has an agreement to sell the property to the supermarket chain, said at the time that Stop & Shop would have priority over the subdivision plans if the company decides to go forward.
For married couples, when one spouse passes away, it is common for the surviving spouse to serve as a co-trustee with a professional adviser or professional trustee.
One method of transferring control to the beneficiary would be to allow the beneficiary to act as a co-trustee at a certain age (say 25), thereby allowing him or her to become more involved with the administration of the trust, and perhaps understanding how to deal with the wealth and the family's advisors.
If the same person is both the grantor and the trustee (or co-trustee) or if one or both spouses are grantors and one or both spouses are trustees or co-trustees, Form 1041 is not required.
If you become unable to manage your own affairs," says Miller, "your co-trustee or successor trustee can take over control of the trust assets.
At that time we served as the custodial trustee for several thousand retirement plans and as custodial co-trustee for about 1000 individual trusts.
In January of 1989, she amended her trust to indicate her change in residence to Wisconsin; changed the co-trustee and named a successor trustee to M & I; First National Bank, West Bend, Wisconsin; added a number of specific bequests; and changed the description of the residuary gift to include the name of her husband's first wife.