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the act of living together and having a sexual relationship (especially without being married)

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If there's no property or a short-term tenancy, marriage or co-habitation is a choice.
You can cover a multitude of items in a co-habitation agreement - houses, money, furniture and even access to kids in the event of a split.
Aside from the rate of co-habitation rising, there also appears to be an increase in the number of people, especially young people (or millennials), who remain single.
It's a neighborhood and what we're trying to do is have some guidelines for co-habitation.
Herein, new evidence is provided of co-habitation of a tunnel system by G.
They spent time recording the tigers' living habits, their co-habitation trends and their survival techniques.
The trial judge assessed the evidence in this case and referred to a 1980 Ontario case that set out indicators of co-habitation, such as:
Is she going to resume full political co-habitation with Sinn Fein that she says is inextricably linked to that killing machine, the IRA?
Coggins said they are interested in seeing the variety of responses they get over time from different students after prolonged co-habitation with the same work of art.
Speaking on the same Frank Rodriguez, chief of Fox Searchlight, said that exhibitors will allow some co-habitation in this case.
Add to this, factors such as increasing densification with green belt legislation and multi-family co-habitation, and the result is more people per house and more families per acre, creating a bigger risk for disaster.
They will also exchange cultural and traditional experiences with local communities and learn about Namibia's success stories in dealing with human-wildlife co-habitation.
They're looking for a civilized co-habitation, and it's the Cuban government that sabotages those efforts to normalize bilateral relations because they need that pretext to keep sabotaging everything," said Sanchez.
As far as the co-habitation is concerned, Roucek said too much tension could be observed in some occasions between the ruling
Rather than an example of invasiveness, I would suggest that it's a problem of human encroachment and the associated problems of co-habitation between humans and wildlife.