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Synonyms for depressant

capable of depressing physiological or psychological activity or response by a chemical agent


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People who take CNS depressants for a prolonged period of time will start adjusting to the side effects of the medication (e.
However, concomitant use of alprazolam, with other CNS depressants such as alcohol and opioid analgesics, could have an additive CNS depression effect and lead to severe toxicity or even death.
Furthermore, as long-term use of CNS depressants has a tendency to suppress REM-sleep, dreams tend to creep into the waking state.
It is possible that other CNS depressants or psychotropic medications may exert similar effects on nighttime arousals as Zolpidem did in this study.
Be cautious of adverse respiratory events when prescribing atypicals alone or with any traditional CNS depressants such as benzodiazepines, sedative/hypnotics, minor tranquilizers, sleep aids, opiates, methadone, and GABAminergic agents.
It can interact with CNS depressants and stimulants, and tolerance often develops.
Part III is divided into 13 chapters covering Alcohol, CNS Depressants, Opioids, Cocaine, Marijuana, Amphetamines/Sympathomimetic Amines, Hallucinogens, Anticonvulsant and Antiarrhythmic Drugs, Antidepressant Drugs, Neuroleptic Drugs, Carbon Monoxide/ Cyanide, Inhalants, and Metals.
Patients must not take this with alcohol, sedatives or other CNS depressants.