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an ancient town on Crete where Bronze Age culture flourished from about 2000 BC to 1400 BC

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Thus he endorsed the view to distance despotic rule of prehistorical Greece from the Western tradition: "the Minoan civilization was essentially non-European"; the Minoans were connected through a "few clear and even close bonds with Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt"; and "the sultan-like life of the kings of Cnossus and Phaestus, their courts, their officials, their economy, displayed features which were similar to those of their opposite numbers in the Near East; they were equally unlike anything Western"( 195-96).
Bumbling displacement anticipates Paris' cuckolding of the Spartan king, which is realized in a later scene, after the Menelaus has been sent off on a fruitless journey to Cnossus. Act II concludes in Helen's bedroom, with Paris sleeping with Helen in bed.
"It's astonishing," she had testified to Gary during a break from the Modern Language Association's annual conference, having witnessed with her own eyes and ears Maurice, born and raised in Jefferson Park twenty minutes from O'Hare, carrying on with Cretan farmers at the ruined palace of Cnossus about Marxist politics, with champagne producers in Epernay about Chirac's foreign and domestic policies, with Alexandrians honeymooning at the pyramids about Israel's occupation of the West Bank.
[...] Some such dress Jane had seen worn by a Minoan priestess on a vase from old Cnossus" (THS 304).
"Roman Knossos and the Colonia Julia Nobilis Cnossus," in Knossos: A Labyrinth of History: Papers in Honour of Sinclair Hood, ed.