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Phylum Represa Puente Especie Upamayo Upamayo Rhizopoda Centropyxis aculeata (Ehrenberg, 1832) - 0.333 Cnidaria Chlorohydra viridissima (Pallas, 1766) - 0.333 Rotifera Brachionus dimidiatus Bryce, 1931 1 0.333 Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, 1851) 4 2.333 Lecane leontina (Turner, 1892) - 0.333 Lecane lunaris (Ehrenberg, 1832) 1.333 0.666 Lecane monostyla quadridentata - - (Daday, 1897) Philodina acuticornis Murray, 1902 - 0.333 Platyias quadricornis (Enrenberg, 1834) - - Trichocerca bicristata (Gosse, 1887) 0.333 0.666 Nematoda Rhabdolaimus terrestris de Mann, 1880 0.666 1 Tardigrada Echiniscus sp.
All Cnidaria have microscopic envenomation capsules called nematocysts.
A note on the chromosomes of some madreporarian corals from the Mediterranean (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Scleractinina: Dendrophyllidae, Cryophyllidae, Faviidae).
Taxonomy of the European Hydra (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa): a re-examination of its history with emphasis on the species H.
Tamoya haplonema (Cnidaria: Cubozoa) from Uruguayan and adjacent waters: oceanographic context of new and historical findings.
Mitochondrial DNA of the sea anemone, Metridium senile (cnidaria): Prokaryote-like genes for tRNAf-met and small-subunit ribosomal RNA, and standard genetic code specificities for AGR and ATA codons.
Re-description of Phymactis papillosa (Lesson, 1830) and Phymanthea pluvia (Drayton in Dana, 1846) (Cnidaria: Anthozoa), two common actiniid sea anemones from the south east Pacific with a discussion of related genera.
The researchers also said that Dendogramma could be related to the jellyfish group of animals called Cnidaria or to another group called Ctenophora.
"The discovery of this new order of Cnidaria -- a phylum that includes jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, and their relatives -- is the equivalent to finding the first member of a group like primates or rodents," said EstefanEaA[degrees]a RodrEaA[degrees]guez, an assistant curator in the Museum's Division of Invertebrate Zoology and the lead author of the new publication.
Miranda LS, Morandini AC and Marques AC (2009) Taxonomic review of Haliclystus antarcticus Pfeffer, 1889 (Stauromedusae, Staurozoa, Cnidaria), with remarks on the genus Haliclystus Clark, 1863.
Hydra are members of a family of radially symmetric animals (Cnidaria), all of which use specialized cnidocytes to catch prey.
Arthropoda (11 species) and Mollusca (8 species) were the 2 dominant phyla observed in this study, with regard to richness, and were followed distantly by Annelida (4 species), Chordata (3 species), Cnidaria (2 species), Bryozoa (2 species), and Porifera (1 species), respectively (Table 1).