Cnemidophorus sexlineatus

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very swift lizard of eastern and central United States

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Cnemidophorus sexlineatus is a very quick, nervous lizard that is very difficult to maintain in captivity, thus I think a pet store release hypothesis should be discarded.
The number of marked recaptures exceeded 10 individuals for only two species of lizards, however, the widespread Cnemidophorus sexlineatus (26 recaptures of 23 individuals in eight scrubs) and the precinctive Sceloporus woodi (108 recaptures of 93 individuals in 10 scrubs).
Diet of the Texas yellow-faced racerunner, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus stephensi (Sauria: Teiidae), in southern Texas.
Fowler's toad, Bufo fowleri, the six-lined racerunner, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus, and the western slender glass lizard, Ophisaurus attenuatus) presumably entered the Calumet region during a hypsithermal interval (Smith & Minton 1957) about 6200 to 5050 ybp (Ahearn & Kapp 1984).
Discussion--Trauth (1992) described Cnemidophorus sexlineatus stephensi from the plains of southern Texas (Starr, Jim Hogg, Brooks, and Kenedy counties) and Brazos and South Padre islands (Cameron County).
Distributional relationships and community assemblages of three members of the parthenogenetic Cnemidophorus tesselatus complex and Cnemidophorus sexlineatus (Squamata: Teiidae) at Highee, Otero County, Colorado.
Ecological observations on a Texas population of six-lined racerunners, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus (Reptilia, Lacertilia, Teiidae).
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus typically inhabits open, xeric habitats (Carpenter, 1959; Greenberg et al.
The diet of Cnemidophorus sexlineatus stephensi was determined from analysis of stomach contents of four samples of lizards collected from Cameron, Kenedy and Brooks counties.
Predation by the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), on eggs of the lizard, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus (Squamata: Teiidae).
A new species of coccidian (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from the prairie racerunner, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus viridis (Sauria: Teiidae), in Arkansas.
A new subspecies of the six-lined racerunner, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus, is described from southern Texas.