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bomb consisting of a canister that is dropped from a plane and that opens to release a cluster of bomblets (usually fragmentation bombs) over a wide area

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They advise us that it would stigmatize cluster munitions, which are legitimate weapons with clear military utility.
Cluster munitions are prohibited by a 2008 treaty adopted by 116 countries, but not by Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners or the United States.
Sudan should immediately stop using these horrendous weapons, destroy its stockpiles and respect the prohibition on cluster munitions by joining the convention on cluster munitions," he said.
1) Bill C-6: An Act to Implement the Convention on Cluster Munitions is now awaiting third reading in the House of Commons.
It is appalling that Syrian government forces are still using banned cluster munitions on their people," said Steve Goose, arms division director at Human Rights Watch, in a statement late on Tuesday.
They're cluster munitions that have been used, they haven't just been pulled out of a warehouse and torn apart with a screwdriver", Goose said.
Former co-ordinator to Amnesty International Bahrain Nasser Burdestani is calling for Bahrainis to create a social movement against the explosive devices and to support the Convention on Cluster Munitions.
Antiwar and arms-control groups over the past decade have homed in on landmines and cluster munitions, and are now also targeting armed drones as another category' of weapons that should be banned because they harm and kill civilians.
Summary: A US based rights group has accused pro-Gaddafi forces of using cluster munitions in the Libyan rebel-held city of Misrata.
Bulgaria should continue to play a leading role in the region by encouraging other countries that have not yet joined the Convention to do so without delay," said Cluster Munition Coalition director Laura Cheeseman.
reduce the incidence of postwar cluster munition casualties in the
Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized the United States in May for selling cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia, saying the kingdom had used various types of US-made cluster munitions in its war against Yemen despite evidence of mounting civilian casualties.
While many people call for a ban on cluster munitions, we should be pressuring armies to properly use of these weapons of war.
The High Commissioner's office seems to have taken note of the reports now circulating about Sri Lanka's use of cluster munitions during the war.
Amnesty International said it found, on its most recent mission, evidence of US, UK and Brazilian cluster munitions used by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces.
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