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a building that is occupied by a social club

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If the courses are rezoned, the new clubhouse being planned for the Earlywine course could incorporate bar areasor other spaces for alcohol sales.
Las Vegas, NV, August 16, 2017 --( The opulent ASCAYA clubhouse was recently unveiled to residents of the luxury estate community.
It's the most iconic in the world and the obvious choice to don the cover of architect Richard Diedrich's book "Legendary Golf Clubhouses".
WORCESTER - Twenty-five years ago, the founding board of the Genesis Club movement to help people with mental illness in recovery visited a clubhouse in Providence and then looked at Worcester and wondered: Why is there no clubhouse here?
"We need to upgrade the clubhouses to make them more like private courses because we have not moved with the times.
The clubhouses had contained the usual tables and chairs and also a 42-inch television bought last year, about a dozen sets of golf clubs, and lockers more than 100 years old.
Virgin Atlantic has Clubhouses in 10 airports around the world (and shares first-class lounges with other airlines at 20 other airports), but there's something uniquely spectacular about the 8,200-square-foot Heathrow space.
As only one of 16 IBICA clubhouses in North America, Brooks Clubhouse is filling a significant service gap.
This project is truly a global one with Intel computer clubhouses across the globe participating to achieve one of the world's largest ever online Web-based digital mural designed by youth.
But Clubhouses, as well as other recovery-oriented, community-based options like Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) programs, offer real promise for individuals with mental illness, while at the same time saving millions of dollars for state and local governments.
A NEW construction company is looking to be promoted to the industry's premier league by securing contracts to build clubhouses for North football teams.
New clubhouses could be on the cards for two sports clubs.
The literature reviewed ranges from studies of members in a single clubhouse (Accordino & Herbert, 2000; Kosciulek & Merz, 2001; Stein et al., 1999; Warner, Huxley, & Berg, 1999) to surveys of directors from numerous clubhouses (that is, 40 in Mastboom, 1992; 128 in Macias et al., 2001; and 173 in Macias et al., 1999) (Table 1).
Vista Ridge Golf Club has one of the best clubhouses and practice facilities around and by far the best service and food in the business.