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a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

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Very much Terje's signature move - the thunderous roar of clubgoers created the moment all Terje fans awaited.
They're the bane of any clubgoer, but here we see Newcastle's top bouncers dealing with fights, drunks - and each other.
Another male clubgoer was also knocked out in the incident.
A SINGLE mother attacked a clubgoer, breaking her jaw.
It seems like just yesterday that Lindsay Lohan was getting hauled into the NYC slammer for punching out a fellow clubgoer who her rumored love interest, Max George, was reportedly spending a little too much time talking to.
A MAN who attacked a clubgoer at the Warehouse nightspot in Huddersfield has been ordered to pay his victim pounds 500 compensation.
A FEUD over a woman led to a clubgoer being ambushed and stabbed in the heart by another man in a revenge attack after he left a city centre music event, a court heard.
Tony Carty punched clubgoer John Pickstock, but denied assaulting anyone else.
One clubgoer who saw their second get-together said: "The girl had a cut-glass accent and sensational looks.
A CLUBGOER was shot dead in a Birmingham nightspot yesterday -just days before the anniversary of the New Year's Day killing of two teenage girls.
A non-league footballer has been sentenced to a 200-hour community punishment order after admitting assaulting a clubgoer in an unprovoked attack in Birmingham city centre.
A source also revealed that the 'Baby' hitmaker had a heated conversation and tore the shirt of a male friend of a female clubgoer, who tried to chat up the singer.
Clubgoer Shanika Ocean wrote online: "Tamara Ecclestone gave us a bottle of Cristal!" And she also treated photographers waiting outside to the PS450-a-bottle bubbly.
A CLUBGOER had life-saving surgery after a vicious knife attack.
A chat in a nightspot ended with a clubgoer being beaten up by a stranger.