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Synonyms for closed-minded

not ready to receive to new ideas


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Dan has been consistent with his closed mind approach to many subjects.
There are many who seem to take great delight in having a closed mind.
Referring to the private sector participation in the nuclear power programme, Saran said that India is being cautious about allowing private players to enter this sector but added that Indian Government does not have a closed mind on it.
He went on: "I am not an active believer but the last thing I would do when talking or thinking about religion is approach it with a closed heart or a closed mind.
It was a good article, though I don't know why Duke has a closed mind on lubes.
The only epidemic I'm concerned about is the closed mind of some Daily News editorial staff member, but hey, they're in good company; the federal government refuses to let science and scientists investigate medical marijuana.
Chris Deuters, president of the Racehorse Owners' Association, says his organisation does not have a closed mind on 48-hour declarations, but remains sceptical
Erb told his audience that a parallel school of mystery writers exists, led by Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse series, which appears to address the silence of God but in reality does so with a closed mind.
A closed mind emphasizing dogmatism fails to meet a vital standard for possessing a scientific attitude.
You can never have a closed mind about these things, but we prefer that people cook with it.
He added: "You can't have a man in charge of the process with a closed mind because of something that's happened in his family.
Nowhere has the Pentagon's closed mind been more apparent than in its fallback defense to accusations that troops were exposed: It doesn't matter, officials say, because the exposures were low level, and low-level exposure can't hurt you.
It is when questioning comes from an already closed mind that is counter-productive,' Lopez said.
The authority hired a solicitor from Northumberland County Council who concluded that although Coun Bolam had been against the application, he did not consider her email to be "evidence of a closed mind such that Coun Bolam had pre-determined the matter.
She said: "If you look at something with a closed mind, you are never going to learn anything.