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Synonyms for clodhopper

a clumsy, unsophisticated person

Synonyms for clodhopper

a thick and heavy shoe

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So it was with a typically heavy hand and clodhopping foot that he spoke out against an all-out ban on smoking in public places, effectively saying: 'Don't deprive the poor of their gaspers.'
This is because they find it hard to stomach the suggestion that a clodhopping peasant who couldn't even spell his own name properly could come to rank alongside Dante and Goethe.
His sentiments were unlikely to endear him to many of the literati of the twentieth century, whose subtlety and complexity, some of them imagined, precluded clodhopping clarity.
"A deformity of peasant humanity," these clodhopping peasants seem wrapped in an evolutionary time-warp.
Thick cakes of mud Like parathas clung to our boots, and we killed each wireworm singly, If the clodhopping robin didn't pick it off first.
Another eligible Wordsworthian pre-text for Shelley's poem, though not I think so rich a source as "To the Cuckoo," is the clodhopping fancy piece "To a Skylark" (also 1807).
Dr Mary McCauley in this elegant, sensitive volume which eschews clodhopping pedantry of many books on Soviet politics or the jargon of what a distinguished Russian colleague of mine used to call |topsy-turvy Bolshevism', sets out to discover what happened after 1985 and why the system fell apart, by using knowledge of the past to discern not only the shape of the present but, ever so cautiously, a hint of the future.
This results, more often than not, in a clodhopping camel rather than a fleet-footed horse.
We spent time with uber-talented AJ and Chloe, and AJ didn't shy from the challenge of trying to teach my clodhopping husband, whose only dance move is the windmill, famous in our family for clearing any dance floor it (dis)graces.
Send out fresh "Go Home" vans and Sethi would head for North West England, I'd travel to Tyneside and clodhopping Charlie would return to the 19th Century with dad Philip.
When you walk down Grey Street in Newcastle , the street which nicholas Pevsner the architectural historian described as the most beautiful in Europe, you see the horizon dominated by this clodhopping, ugly, giant, monument to the folly of consumer capitalism.
FIRST single, So What, about Pink's marriage break-up, was gloriously indiscreet but musically clodhopping - and when it's followed by three more clunkers on the album, it doesn't bode well.
Logan's run continues despite him finishing bottom of the pile, taking that dubious honour over from GMTV's clodhopping Garraway.
But, if a few years of drinking with Chris Evans couldn't kill her I'm damn sure a few clodhopping tinmen can't put her in the ground.
It is 100F and my 50-something-year-old body can take only ten minutes of this before I'm beat, and retreat, muttering about not wanting to tread on his bare feet in my clodhopping work boots.