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Antonyms for clockwise

in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock

in the direction that the hands of a clock move

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And so, the researchers have demonstrated that it is possible in principle to twirl entangled ice skaters simultaneously both in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
The isolators are available in clockwise and counter-clockwise versions, with forward power input of 10 W and reverse power of 2 W.
Today, the mechanical action is provided in an institutional washer as the wheel rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise and the linens in the machine fall against each other from the top of the wheel to the bottom.
Like the dances of the shrine maidens who 'dance to turn the towers of the moon', bending and unbending, clockwise and counter-clockwise, the boats circle in the bay and the performers circle with the gods.
Do bent-over circles with dumbbell both clockwise and counter-clockwise.
Unlike Branson's CV-12 orbital welder, which can be used only in clockwise and counter-clockwise motion, the CV-10 can be programmed in elliptical, linear, or orbital motion that can be tailored to the part shape or weld requirements.