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a low transparent cover put over young plants to protect them from cold

a woman's close-fitting hat that resembles a helmet

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FELT cloche hats, Isle of Skye soap and delicacies from Inverawe smokehouses are some of the treats on sale at Country Living's Glasgow Christmas Fair.
But as the two discuss his homage to the '40s screwball comedy - think witty banter, Bringing Up Baby, Howard Hawks, raised eyebrows and cloche hats - what the Texan tinkerbell lacks in size, she makes up for in 'verbosity', as she calls it.
Think cloche hats, cutesy tea dresses and retro driving gloves.
At that time, cruises were really trendy and the South of France was the mecca of British aristocrats swanning around in cloche hats and flaunting very long cigarette holders.
Sometimes the dancers evoke their animal characters with just a movement or two--a pair of girls in cloche hats slowly poking their heads out from behind umbrellas painted to resemble tortoise shells.
Think Ingrid Bergman in superb linen suits, cloche hats and martinis at Joe's Cafe.
And to the young actors and dancers who will perform Godspell in front of paying audiences this week, the decade of flower power and free love will seem as remote as that of flappers and cloche hats.
Many of the models peeked out from beneath bell-shaped, soft cloche hats in similarly bright shades that battled for attention with their bold lipstick.
By 1920, most modern women had bobbed their hair and the need for pins in cloche hats was minimal.
Why is it that so many more of our continental cousins have the confidence to sport berets, fedoras, trilbies, cloche hats, woolly wonders of all colours and taste levels?