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British general and statesman whose victory at Plassey in 1757 strengthened British control of India (1725-1774)

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Message "Ask for Clive's message will now be seen by millions of live-event fans, which will play a big part towards the ultimate goal of eradicating unacceptable behaviour and building a visible support network for everyone in the wider community." Guy Dunstan, director of Arenas at NEC Group, said: "At our Arenas we host audiences from all genres and interests, and it's important to us that everyone feels safe and welcome in our venues.
Clive is happy because not only are his warnings heeded, he also gets a tasty treat every time.
Clive was born on May 18, 1894, at Langley, Worcestershire.
Along the road from pop frontman to singer-songwriter, Clive has followed many musical diversions.
The award, from the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers and the National Federation of Fishmongers, recognises Clive's skills and lifetime dedication to the trade.
When the German parent company decided in 2014 to withdraw from the United States to focus on other markets, Clive and some of his colleagues at the UJS.
As for what's next for Clive's rekindled romance with Dale (Jessica Harmon), who was turned into a zombie at the end of Season 3, Goodwin said that his character will try to keep the relationship by "figuring out and exploring different ways of affection and intimacy."
Jenn said: "Clive put his heart and soul into walking unaided in a month."
Clive Christian is a brand that in both fragrance and interiors has remained true to the genuine markers of a luxury brand: unsurpassed quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness and creativity.
Clive Christian will remain creative director of the company.
Clive Dutton OBE was a well-known figure in Birmingham during his time as director of regeneration and planning for Birmingham City Council.
Clive Lancaster, from Waldridge, is walking 539 miles to raise money for the MS Trust after being inspired by fellow supermarket worker Liz Hilland, who has MS and works tirelessly to raise money and awareness of the condition.
Channel 4 viewers saw balding "IT engineer Clive" burst into tears as he struggled to get intimate with women.