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42nd President of the United States (1946-)

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On the receiving end of McFarlane's charge were Gordon Clinton, Bill Cadby and Jon Miley-who also saw his opponent check out on 146.
Francis' life is filled with commendations from world figures like Nelson Mandela, President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Pope John Paul II and he has received numerous honorary degrees.
To Hillary Clinton, Bill Frist, John Kerry, Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama, John McCain, and all others who get mentioned as our next president, merry Christmas.
Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Salman Rushdie, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Harry Belafonte are among the many who have been grilled by Sabine Christiansen, whose show is something of a cross between Oprah Winfrey and Larry King.
It has been heartening to have people like President Clinton, Bill Cosby, and Jamie Foxx asking what they can do, offering to lend their celebrity to raise money or bring attention and support to our efforts.
Like Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson--who served in the Clinton administration as UN Ambassador and Secretary of Energy--has been transparently cynical.
John Kerry, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, John Tenet, the CIA, the NSA and many others all proclaimed that there were WMD in Iraq.
In a February letter to President Clinton, Bill Swisher, Chairman, CMI Corporation (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), decried the government's record of spending allocations for highway transportation.