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a witty satiric verse containing two rhymed couplets and mentioning a famous person

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THE LOST CLERIHEWS OF PAUL INGRAM, [c] 2014 by Paul Ingram, Illustrations [c] 2014 by Julia Anderson-Miller, Foreword [c] 2014 Elizabeth McCracken, published by Ice Cube Press LLC, 205 N.
She said, "Paul Ingram is to clerihews what John Ciardi is to limericks.
He was 16 and a pupil at St Paul's School in London when he first started writing clerihews as a diversion from schoolwork.
The book is a collection of clerihews he's written "to make people smile".
Despite learning to recognize and enjoy clerihews, it never occurred to me to write one until this past year.
It was many years ago that I first became acquainted with a form of light verse called a clerihew.
KHADIM HUSSAIN, of Middlesbrough (pictured), is the author of a new collection of poems called Clerihews.
Rollin Stearns' fine article on clerihews in this issue reintroduces the term to new readers.
The following is a mini-anthology of clerihews based on the names of famous writers:
A third website, "Mystery Clerihews," presents clerihews about mystery writers and tells the potential clerihewer about Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine, which actually pays for any clerihew it uses.
Jim Waters wrote the first clerihew (Gilbert Magazine, March 2006).
The poem can be found in Wilson's Night Thoughts (Farrar, Straus & Cudahy), a curious collection of anagrams, limericks, clerihews, and whimsical excursions that should be on every logophile's bookshelf.