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a witty satiric verse containing two rhymed couplets and mentioning a famous person

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Fun, wicked, often brilliant, all of Ingram's one-hundred-plus Clerihews come adorned with a playful sketch by Julia Anderson-Miller.
Clerihews are allowed to bend the real truth for the sake of the higher truth of comedy.
Chesterton, a good friend of Bentley's, wrote his own clerihews and illustrated Bently's.
At times, clerihews combine two real characters that go together like water and cigar smoke.
And yet his clerihews were scattered around his house over the years, lost in places where clerihews get lost, and then found and put together in this delightful book.
It was many years ago that I first became acquainted with a form of light verse called a clerihew.
Like the limerick, the clerihew is indigenous to the English language.
From this I went on to try my hand at another clerihew.
Another requisite of the successful clerihew is an awkward rhyme, as in Bentley's "Cervantes":
He was 16 and a pupil at St Paul's School in London when he first started writing clerihews as a diversion from schoolwork.
The book is a collection of clerihews he's written "to make people smile".
Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956) wrote the classic detective story Trent's Last Case but he is also known for the verse form that was named after him - the clerihew.
Jim Waters wrote the first clerihew (Gilbert Magazine, March 2006).
In the following suite of five clerihews (six counts as an epic, I've heard), the members of a well-known Tejas rancho are doing what they enjoy doing best--sitting down.
RED, WHITE AND BLUE CLERIHEWS (with one atrocious sight rhyme) Eric the Red Discovered America, it's said (Or was it the other one, His son?