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Clergywomen were concerned about finances, fatigue, loneliness, and isolation.
In our qualitative study of clergywomen (N = 190), we examined the impact of being female in a male-dominated occupation, particularly one that has been traditionally structured as a "two-person career.
At Holyrood, 40 clergywomen handed Jack McConnell their manifesto.
Support for the perspective proposed by biblical theology is found among the sample of clergywomen.
In my small university town in the Midwest, I know one woman Episcopal priest quite well, and I have written about her and her female clergywomen counterparts in the town in which we reside.
Even today, clergywomen in most de nominations attest that this sentiment still surfaces from time to time within their own congregations and among some of their male colleagues.
Thus, after life stories were recorded, transcribed, and returned to their owners; after interviews were conducted with individual clergywomen and transcribed for my study; and after sermons were recorded and transcribed and shared, then the clergywomen and I met on a regular basis to discuss their stories, their lives, their sermons, as well as to discuss my thoughts, interpretations, and conclusions about how all of those aspects of their lives were integrated and what their importance might be.
While the text opposes ordination of women in the future, the 1,600 or so current Southern Baptist clergywomen, about 100 of whom are pastors leading congregations, would not lose their credentials.
It includes the history of clergywomen in African-American and Euro-American communions and those that developed in the U.
Eliad Dias dos Santos, a Methodist clergywomen who works with prostitutes in Sao Paulo, opposes prostitution but admits that the church is partly responsible for the women's situation.
Thinking that her chances of being elected bishop as an African-American woman in the South were slim, she agreed to allow a group of clergywomen in California to nominate her.
Fisher is an active member of many church and community organizations a sampling of which includes United Methodist Neighborhood Services, Northeastern Jurisdiction Black Clergy and Clergywomen, General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church, Religious Council of West Chester, World-Wide Women Ministries Alliance, NAACP, and West Goshen Lions.
Through ethnographic interviews of five clergywomen, Campbell-Reed unlocks larger leadership, polity, and theological issues at stake for all in Baptist life.
The call for papers inspired one of us (Joyanne) to contact the other (Shelley-Ann) via email and suggest to her that this was an opportunity to relate an untold story of the experiences of Anglican clergywomen in Trinidad and Tobago, most of whom are of African descent.
This particular study of women leaders in the church, therefore, can never be repeated, but provides a benchmark against which future generations of clergywomen can be measured.