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Synonyms for clearance

Synonyms for clearance

the act or process of eliminating

Synonyms for clearance

the distance by which one thing clears another

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vertical space available to allow easy passage under something

permission to proceed

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It is pertinent to mention that these rumors stemmed from the notice of NCCPL (National Clearing Company of Pakistan Ltd.) regarding the bank's status as a settlement bank to provide clearing services to stock brokers.
(NCCPL) regarding the banks' status as a settlement bank to provide clearing services to stock brokers, a press release of SBP said.
The SBP said that these rumours originally stemmed from a notice of National Clearing Company of Pakistan Ltd (NCCPL) regarding bank' settlement status to provide clearing services for stock brokers.
This agreement covers the clearing of financial derivatives and commodity derivatives for a period of 10 years offering comparable financial conditions providing continuity of clearing services for members.
OCC (Options Clearing Corporation), an equity derivatives clearing organization, and EquiLend Clearing Services (ECS), the global securities finance trading platform and technology provider, have joined forces to bring greater access to central counter party clearing in the securities finance marketplace.
The transaction will allow KCG Futures to establish itself as a market leader, while Wedbush will have the opportunity to expand its execution and clearing services, said KCG chief executive Daniel Coleman.
Cinnober has launched a system for businesses offering client clearing services, such as investment banks and FCMs.
However, that number included $10.3 billion in outflows related to a mutual fund clearing services client.
The perceived risk of the transaction is that mobile operators would not have sufficient alternatives to the merged entity and would become vulnerable to price increases and a lower level of quality on data clearing services. The Commission has until 15 May (90 days) to come to a decision on the proposed transaction.
MANAMA: Standard Chartered is teaming up with Euroclear Bank to offer clearing services in Bahrain and elsewhere in the region.
Standard Chartered is teaming up with Euroclear Bank, a leading provider of domestic and cross-border settlement and related services, to offer clearing services in Bahrain and elsewhere in the region.
It is listed on Nymex as Australian Coking Coal (Platts) Low Vol Swap Futures (ALW), with clearing services available through CME ClearPort.
Brussels, Belgium, June 29, 2011 --( In an attempt to upgrade its trading services at the lowest possible fees without compromising the quality of the service, FG Solutions International, one of the most professional and trusted international commodity and futures brokerage firms, is currently eyeing for another futures commission merchant to provide clearing services for clients.
WBAS renders a number of ground clearing services, but of late, many of our clients have also requested shuttle services.
Following our launch on 15 November, we are seeing more global and regional banks coming forth with interest to participate in our clearing service. Banks see benefits in using SGX's central counterparty clearing services to reduce counterparty risk and facilitate their business growth.'