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the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules)

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clean tech has emerged as one of the hottest new investment sectors.
Metro Clean Tech Index," said Clean Edge Managing Director Ron Pernick.
A recent independent economic study released by the New Hampshire Clean Tech Council shows that the New Hampshire clean tech sector accounts for a significant and growing share of New Hampshire's economy, with substantial growth potential in the near future.
The New Economy magazine's Clean Tech & New Energy Awards, which were presented to the winners at the London Stock Exchange, were established to recognise companies that are set to guide the world's renewable energy future through innovation, vision and leadership.
It makes a difference by allowing those customers to dramatically reduce their energy consumption costs and also their carbon footprint," Lowstuter said during an interview at the Denver law offices of Faegre & Benson, a sponsor of the Clean Tech Open.
Capitalized at $300 million, the fund will be equally directed toward clean tech and life science.
The Sacramento region's growing clean tech sector was highlighted today at the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA) CleanStart Showcase.
Project output will be five two day seminars in the different regions focused on sharing experiences by demonstrating the local/regional activities concerning clean tech incubation in the visited region and discussing bottlenecks and successful interventions.
The California Clean Tech Open, a competition designed to accelerate the creation of clean technology companies, is launching its second annual competition on May 15 at San Francisco City Hall.
Best of Midwest Clean Tech Businesses to Compete for More Than $300,000 in Cash Prizes
The Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH), on November 28, launched the Clean Tech Centre of Excellence at the University of Botswana (UB).
SAN FRANCISCO -- Clean tech may create a highly partisan debate in Washington D.
Ecotech Institute's program chair and manager of environmental operations, Kyle Crider, said : 'This data shows a long-awaited boom in the clean tech industry, from the increases in alternative fueling options to a massive amount of clean job opportunities.
The next decade will determine which nations, states, and cities lead in clean tech, and our State Index provides critical insights on the dramatic shifts and best practices that are leading the way within the U.
In the ten states where clean tech jobs are growing the most quickly, only two can be considered traditionally Democratic, says Red, White & Green: The True Colors of America s Clean Tech Jobs.