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a clavier with strings that are plucked by plectra mounted on pivots

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Rameau, in his instructions for beginners on the instrument entitled De la mechanique des doigts sur le clavessin (1724), puts it thus:
With only her harpsichord pieces (Les pieces de clavessin, premier livre [Paris: Bausson, 1687] and Pieces de clavecin qui peuvent se jouer sur le viollon [Paris: C.
29-37 [Rameau, selections from Pieces de clavessin (1724)] 29 Musette en rondeau Tamburin 30-31 L'entretien des Muses 31 La joyeuse 32 Les tendres plaintes 32-3 Les tourbillons 33 Le lardon 34-5 Les Cyclopes 36-7 Les niais de Sologne With the second double only, here labelled Variations 38-53 [Rameau, selections from Nouvelles suites de pieces de clavecin (c.
Now we can see that the transplantation of elements of the ballet suite (and other additional elements) to the keyboard was effected not just by the Francophile Fischer (in his Les pieces de clavessin [Schlackenwerth: auteur, 1696]; reissued in Augsburg in 1698 as Musicalisches Blumen-Buschlein) but also by Muffat.
The manuscript also contains a handwritten copy of the published harpsichord suites--the Six Suittes de clavessin (Amsterdam, 1701)--of Charles Dieupart (illus.