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a method of treating disease with small amounts of remedies that, in large amounts in healthy people, produce symptoms similar to those being treated



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This is to say that if you see a professional homeopath, he or she will most likely be practicing what is referred to as classical homeopathy.
Traditional or classical homeopathy is more difficult than using combination remedies because of the extra effort and time required.
Classical homeopathy refers to using a homeopathic approach in which a single medicine is individualized to a sick person according to the unique pattern of symptoms that that person is experiencing.
In general, the professional practice of homeopathy is that of classical homeopathy.
By homeopathy, I refer to classical homeopathy, as founded by Samuel Hahnemann, MD, in the 18th century, not its many haphazard and dangerous varieties such as homotoxicology, complex homeopathy, Helmkulst and others used to treat chronic diseases, which were born out of desperation, following prevailing failures of classical homeopathy.
Other non- physicians (including naturopaths who are not naturopathic doctors) can earn a Certified in Classical Homeopathy (CCH) degree through the Council for Homeopathic Certification.
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