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United States film actor (1901-1960)

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Films like It Happened One Night and the role of Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind cemented his reputation as a Hollywood heartthrob and fellow film star Joan Crawford once wrote "Clark Gable was the King of an empire called Hollywood".
The caption on the front page of our sister paper, the Birmingham Mail of June 7, 1943, provides few clues: "Clark Gable, the famous film star, has been over in the country for some time as a serving member of the 8th US Army Air Force.
I drooled over Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart, adored Judy Garland and sucked in my cheeks to try and look like Ava Gardner, "the most beautiful woman in the world".
THE 70th anniversary edition of Gone With The Wind starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland is the grand daddy of epic blockbusters.
He now lies near Walt Disney and Clark Gable - and Casablanca star Humphrey Bogart.
Clark Gable used to shower more than four times a day
The ladies of Miami were craning their necks to catch a glimpse of GI 191-257-41--Corporal Clark Gable, former movie actor and, according to female fans, the most desirable man on the planet.
HOLLYWOOD lost one of its true greats on this day in 1959 when screen heart-throb Clark Gable died.
She won an Oscar for 1959's The Diary Of Anne Frank and was a lover of many of Hollywood's leading men, including Burt Lancaster, William Holden, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn and Clark Gable.
The archives also is making available records of about 150 "persons of exceptional prominence" including Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, Jackie Robinson, and Joe Louis.
One of the very early Oscars went to a film he ought to watch called "It Happened One Night," starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.
No matter: Every all-hands-on-deck, ahoy-matey movie is inherently homoerotic, from Clark Gable sparring with Charles Laughton to Anthony Hopkins throwing a jealous fit over Mel Gibson.
The collection includes photos of Hollywood legends Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall photographed by "Golden Age" masters George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull and Frank Powolny.
Among the countless crews who trained at the base was motion picture screen legend Clark Gable, who trained as an aerial gunner.
This episode is celebrated in the novel Command Decision, later made into a movie starting Clark Gable.