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United States writer best known for his autobiographical works (1874-1935)

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It will discuss the real reason that professionals work at all, and it will examine some of the transformational technologies that are, even now, being introduced into the workplace: technologies that will transform work, simplify lives, and meld personal and professional time into a continuous whole that could scarcely be imagined when Clarence Day was a boy.
Life With Father" was an autobiographical series of magazine articles in the New Yorker and later a book by Clarence Day Jr.
In 1962, she received the Clarence Day Award for this book which is "a distinctive production which has promoted a love of books and reading," the first time this award was given to a children's librarian or to a Canadian (quoted from the ALA press release on the Clarence Day Award to Smith in 1962).
Philanthropist Clarence Day, who began the foundation, was a longtime Youth Villages supporter, donating more than $14 million to the organization before his death in 2009.
Clarence Day made the Youth Villages TL program possible through his tremendous support, and it's an amazing legacy he leaves of thousands of lives improved.
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