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German pianist and composer of piano music


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In fact, the basic recital structure still in effect today-a work by Bach or Scarlatti, followed by a Beethoven Sonata and then shorter works by Chopin, Schumann or Mendelssohn-we can attribute to Clara Schumann. As we are probably all aware, we can also credit Clara with the practice of performing from memory.
In the case of the piano trio, she discusses the previously recognized allusions to Beethoven and Franz Schubert but then adds into the mix an allusion to Scarlatti that no one had noticed; because Clara Schumann performed Scarlatti regularly for many years, the presence of this allusion adds to the likelihood that this work is in some sense about her.
I never understood why Bonn only paid attention to Beethoven [Eds.: Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770.] but not to Robert and Clara Schumann, whose biographies are both so closely tied to the city.
"I do not want horses or diamonds - I am happy in possessing you." - Clara Schumann
1400-1900, by Dufay, Rameau, Josquin, John Sheppard, Byrd, JS Bach, CPE Bach, Michael Haydn, Mozart, Caspar Ett, Clara Schumann, Salomon Sulzer, Bruckner, Cesar Cui, Grieg, Rowland Huw Prichard, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, Holst, Luise Le Beau, Wolf, Ingeborg von Bronsart, Parker, and Busoni.
In 1869, the "Beethoven Committee of Vienna" invited Liszt, Wagner, Joachim, and Clara Schumann to appear together onstage to celebrate the centenary of Beethoven's birth.
Sara said: "The evening will present a sublime mix of music by Brahms, Robert and Clara Schumann for Piano, Violin and Baritone voice - from the wistful romanticism of Clara Schumann's 3 Romances for Violin and Piano, to the exuberance of Brahms's Intermezzi for solo piano and the profound emotional depths reached by Schumann in songs from his famous song cycle, Dichterliebe."
Jitka Cechova and the orchestra pay no less attention to the performance of Clara Schumann's concerto, approaching it equally seriously as Robert's piece.
March 22 in Razzo Hall at the Traina Center at Clark University, Dobisch will perform a recital titled "Myths, Fairy Tales and Ghost Stories'' that includes both well-known and rarely performed works by composers including Donizetti, Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Haydn and Mozart.
The years in between those early concerts and now have been spent in intense training with some of the piano world's best pedagogues, including Earl Wild and Pavlina Dokovska, then winning several prestigious awards and working with major musicians like Gidon Kremer, Simon Keenlyside, John Corigliano, Maxim Vengerov -- even Sting, in a special film project about the husband and wife composer-pianists Robert and Clara Schumann.
And cello leader Carl Fuchs, who had first come to Britain in 1887 with a letter of introduction from Clara Schumann, and was a British subject, was unable to retain his post after being interned in Germany following a visit to his sick mother in Jugenheim in summer 1914.
Schumann's wife, Clara Schumann, a virtuoso pianist in her own right, encouraged him to develop it into a complete concerto, which he finished in 1845.
The program Part I of Amir Tebenikhin include Franz Liszt's Sonata in B Minor, the Part II - Clara Schumann's variations on a theme of Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt's Ballad No.2 in B minor, and Frederic Chopin's Scherzo No.2.