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Synonyms for broth

liquid in which meat and vegetables are simmered

a thin soup of meat or fish or vegetable stock

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I have eaten tapas in restaurants many times but there were quite a few dishes on the menu that I hadn't seen before such as Colombian chilli clam broth (pounds 3) and manchego (Spanish cheese) in a fresh chilli and coriander extra virgin oil (pounds 2.
99) disappointed because of oversalting (and overbaking) along with the aforementioned clam broth.
For Manhattan Clam Chowder, James Beard says, substitute tomato juice for the cream and add more clam broth to this basic clam chowder recipe.
You can opt for a cosy booth or the communal table to sample spicy crab with sake and crisp suckling pig with miso clam broth (main dishes pounds 2).
As such, an extended product line ranges from Canadian rope-grown and Maine wild mussels, to New Zealand littleneck clams, breaded calamari, clam broth concentrate, plus an impressive list of frozen soups and sauces.
Angel Hair pasta with bay shrimp, black olives, tomato, green onion and a lemon-garlic clam broth.
For example, there's a delicious clam broth laced with fresh shredded ginger and filled with fresh clams in the shell ($7.
My friend had the fillet of haddock with stracci and a clam broth of leeks and carrots.