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Cladonia islandica was originally reported only from Iceland (Kristinsson & Ahti 2009), but Ovstedal et al.
Cladonia coniocraea (Florke) Spreng.--3: tocon de pino (930036, 930037);--2: tocon de Abies alba, terricola (930154, 930160, 930166);--1: tocon de Pinus uncinata (930127).
Key words: Cladonia, cytotoxicity, Evernia, lichens, Parmelia, Platismatia, Ramalina, Usnea
El biotipo dimorfico constituye un 6% del total y esta representado unicamente por el genero Cladonia (28).
In the northeast, there are approximately 80 or more species of lichens in the genus Cladonia. Many of these are found in New York State.
This article reports an investigation of fumarprotocetraric acid isolated from the lichen Cladonia verticillaris (Raddi) Fr.
44% that reproduce primarily through sexual ascospores; iii) comprised of 65% crustose taxa, 29% foliose taxa, and 6% fruticose taxa: iv) one wherein many species arc rare (e.g., 55% of species were collected fewer than three times) and frulicose lichens other than Cladonia were entirely absent; and v) one wherein cyanolichens were poorly represented, comprising only three species.
There are also literarily mainstream texts that introduce into the genre of the traditional fantastic bestiary some features of modern scientific discourse (footnotes, bibliographical references, etc.), such as Primo Levi's "Cladonia rapida" (1964; collected in Storie naturali in 1966), Giorgio Prodi's "L'evoluzione degli animali a penna" (Il neutrone borghese, 1980), and David Roas' "El Hipocrondrio" (Horrores cotidianos, 2007).
pseudotinctorum, [29], Flavoparmelia caperata, Physcia aipolia, Heterodermia leucomela [30], Ramalina sinensis, Heterodermia leucomela, Herpothallon sp., Parmotrema reticulatum [31], Parmotrema tinctorum [32], Usnea articulate, Ramalina pollinaria, Ramalina hyrcana, Cladonia rei, Flavoparmelia caperata, Parmotrema chinense, Punctelia subrudecta, Punctelia borreri, Hyperphyscia adglutinata, and Peltigera praetextata [33].
A lectin isolated from Cladonia verticillaris lichen was able to inhibit the growth (35%) of dermatophyte Trichophyton mentagrophytes [100].